Everything there is to know about the bisht or Saudi cloak

Arabs always succeed in integrating elegance and style into their fashion designs. The bisht follows in the tradition of the keffiyeh and iqal by adding elegance and style to the kamees, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where the se accessories are especially popular. Below, we tell you everything you need to know about this Saudi cloak in detail.


What is the bisht?

Highly coveted in Saudi Arabia, the bisht is a kind of fine coat that slips over the kamees. Close in style to the well-known burnoose, this traditional Saudi cloak is available in a wide range of different colors including black, brown, beige, gray and white.

In general, the bisht is made from polyester or cotton. Because of its silky texture, it’s possible to wear in any season. And for even more elegance and quality, the Saudi cloak can be made with camel hair. But this luxurious design, which is often more expensive, is mainly intended to cope with the cold temperatures of the winter season.


On what occasions should the bisht be worn?

Designed with beautiful golden embroidery and two strings as a closure, the Saudi bisht is a chic garment that is usually worn by Arab men at major events, such as weddings, religious festivals, etc.

You’ll find that many imams and faithful Muslims wear this outfit for Friday prayers. But it’s not uncommon to see men of status such as scientists, businessmen, and politicians also wear the bisht.

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