What are the most popular Oriental accessory trends?

There is nothing better than to be adorned with beautiful oriental accessories to accompany your qamis with wonder and mystique. The bisht, ghoutra, shemagh, keffieh, chachia, perfumes, cufflinks, etc… Today, we will take the time to explore your favorite accessories one by one.


Oriental accessories

There are many oriental accessories that can accompany your qamis and add more elegance and personality. Some of these accessories differ according to the customs of the countries as well as the fashion established by the local Muslim community.

That said, some oriental accessories have been popular for centuries and have never grown outdated. Among the most popular are the bisht, chachia, ghoutra, shemagh, keffiyeh, iqal, oriental sandals, and oriental perfumes. Each of these fashion accessories plays a definite role in the Muslim men's wardrobe and has a story of its own.

For example, the bisht is a kind of long cloak that is worn like a coat over the qamis by important people, such as ministers, high-ranking officials, scientists, imams, or by ordinary people celebrating special occasions, such as wedding parties and religious holidays.


Classic accessories

The qamis is a unique outfit that has the advantage of being enhanced by a multitude of accessories, whether they are oriental accessories or classic accessories.

Classic accessories include cufflinks, watches, sandals, etc. These accessories enhance the qamis with different styles depending on the type of accessory and how it is worn.

For example, cufflinks are available in several designs with different materials, shapes, and colors. These can be chosen according to your tastes, your style, your preference and the type of qamis you wear.

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