What is the Saudi Qamis and why is it so appreciated?

The Saudi Qamis, also called thawb or thobe, consists of the main outfit traditionally worn by all Arab men of Saudi Arabia. Below, let’s explore the reasons for its success.

The Saudi Qamis: What is it?

Made with fine fabrics, consisting of cotton and synthetic material, the Saudi qamis is a large tunic with long, usually white sleeves which is worn typically during warmer seasons. During colder seasons it often embodies darker colors such as blue, brown, or black.

In addition, the qamis, thawb, or thobe has the distinction of being recognized by the brilliance and the reflections produced by its fabric. Its collar has two buttons or two snaps, either visible or hidden. Like dress shirts, its sleeves are tight and have holes for cufflinks.

What contributes to the success of the Saudi Qamis?

As it turns out the qamis is very popular in Saudi Arabia because it is the most suitable clothing for the climate of the country. Indeed, in this hot region where temperatures often soar into the triple digits, it is essential to dress with appropriate clothing. The Saudi qamis is therefore the ideal attire because it has the capacity to bring comfort and class.

That said, the success of the qamis is not limited to Saudi Arabia. Indeed, thanks to its unique style, it is also very popular with men living in the four corners of the globe. In addition, its chic and elegant appearance as well as its soft and pleasant material make it an essential item in Islamic fashion.

Custom-Qamis offers the customizable Saudi Qamis in a variety of new and original colors, such as blue and burgundy, with the possibility of including many accessories, such as interchangeable cufflinks.

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