Why is the qamis never outdated?

The qamis, a traditional outfit worn by the first generations of pious Muslims to today, never seems withdraw from the world of fashion. Indeed, this outfit has endured through many centuries without ever aging. On the contrary, new contemporary designs of the qamis continue to entrance people worldwide. Below, we present the qamis, the long lasting trend you can always bet on.


The Qamis: A fashionable, yet modest style

Among the reasons the qamis never goes out of style, there is the fact that it combines both modesty and elegance, unlike any other fashion. Thus, this outfit is coveted by all men of all ages. Available in all existing sizes, it is also popular with teens and children.

The qamis is therefore reputed to be the ideal multigenerational fashion choice and appreciated by all men of Muslim faith to the extent that it is able to bring elegance and quality, while respecting the principles and customs of Muslim countries.


The Qamis: An innovative outfit for all occasions

Although the qamis is a traditional style, it has adapted to the ever-changing times and circumstances. Professional designers have played an important role in crafting innovative qamis designs and by integrating different fabrics and colors so that this outfit is suitable at any time, any occasion, and in any climate.

Custom-Qamis goes even further than most retailers and offers tailor-made quality qamis, which are above all else, customizable. In fact, not only can you opt for a design from a range of different qamis, but you can also design your own qamis by selecting the type of cut, fabric, collar, closure , sleeve, and pocket.

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