Custom-Qamis and private sales in France

Always keen to offer the qamis and other innovative designs and fabrics, now Custom-Qamis is moving forward engaging qamis and oriental accessory enthusiasts with private sales in France to share its special offers and its exceptional services.


Custom-Qamis: an online store unlike any other

Since its debut in 2013, the online store Custom-Qamis sells on its site custom quality and original qamis and serwels. In just a short time, the brand has been a great success and has grown considerably.

Indeed, Custom-Qamis is now taking the opportunity to upgrade its site by proposing many accessories, such as cufflinks, bisht, keffiyeh, and many other very interesting items for men, as well as a modern interactive platform that allows consumers to customize the qamis and serwel of their dreams in just a few minutes.


Private sales in France: Special offers not to be missed

Starting in 2015, Custom-Qamis decided to strengthen its relationship with the consumer by providing special offers and tailored services in an in-person presentation. Indeed, the founder and his team invite themselves to private sales in France to meet the qamis and serwel enthusiasts directly on site.

The brand wanted to separate from this virtual relationship for a few moments to get closer to its customers. Moreover, the founder and manager do not hesitate to attend and participate in these private sales by taking measurements and accompanying the customers through the process.

Custom-Qamis invites you to discover our numerous fabric samples, including new fabrics from the Cashmere Wool winter season. To top it off, several qamis designs are put on sale on the spot at reduced rates as well as a plethora of new accessories.

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