Everything there is to know about the Custom-Qamis loyalty program

In addition to its excellent, high-quality, original qamis and other outstanding oriental products, Custom-Qamis delivers the package by providing its customers with outstanding services. In fact, your beloved custom-made qamis shop offers a custom-Qamis loyalty program that you should not miss. Below we tell you everything you need to know about this great opportunity you cannot afford to miss.


Custom-Qamis: a unique boutique

As a world leader in the customizable tailor-made qamis, Custom-Qamis provides qamis and other high-end oriental items from the United Arab Emirates as well as personalized high-end services.

Indeed, we are extremely happy to offer you extraordinary services, such as the possibility to professionally tailor, customize to your taste and order your qamis, sarouel pants, bishts, and a whole range of other exceptional items with just a few clicks on our site.


Custom-Qamis loyalty program

To satisfy its dear customers, Custom-Qamis has launched a very advantageous loyalty program on our site. It has three different memberships: the Silver membership, the Gold membership and the Platinum membership.

The Silver membership is valid starting at 500 euros of purchase and more in our Custom-Qamis shop. It gives you the right to a voucher of 50 euros on your next order with us. In addition, an express prioritization is offered to you for a period of two months. In other words, in case a high volume of orders is made on our site your order will pass in priority in front of all other orders.

In addition, you can be eligible for the Gold membership starting at 1,500 euros of purchase in our shop. This allows you to earn a voucher worth 150 euros on your future order. In addition, the express prioritization is granted to you for one year. Finally, the Platinum formula is for those who make more than 3,000 euros of purchases with our store. The latter offers you a voucher of 300 euros on your next order and the express prioritization for life.

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