Have you heard about Custom-Qamis gift cards?

Because we loves to spoil you, Custom-Qamis has selected for you the best clothes and accessories in Islamic fashion. After having thought of you by providing you with exceptional personalized services, the shop specialized in the sale of high-end qamis and other oriental luxury products is now letting you share our products with your entourage. That's why we offer you gift cards to share with friends, family, or colleagues.


The concept of Custom-Qamis gift cards

By wanting to share with everyone the benefit of our exceptional products on online and in stores throughout France, Custom-Qamis had the ingenious idea to offer gift cards.

Very advantageous, these are the ideal way to make you happy and offer an original and high-quality gift to your family, your neighbors, or your friends. Available on sale on our site, Custom-Qamis gift cards allow you to access a multitude of offers and discounts on our various items.

Usable in our shops and on our site, Custom-Qamis gift cards offer you the possibility of obtaining a wide choice of gifts for all occasions, such as religious holidays, weddings, or simply if you take pleasure in sharing this opportunity someone special.


The Custom-Qamis gift card options

Custom-Qamis lets you choose between several types of gift cards present on the site: gift cards at 50 euros, gift cards at 75 euros, gift cards at 100 euros and gift cards at 150 euros.

That said, for those who wish, it is possible to choose a personalized amount of a minimum of 50 euros and a limit of 500 euros by selecting it in the corresponding box. Finally, you just have to opt for the preferred sending method, namely: either by printing at home or by mail.

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