What type of qamis should be worn for spring?

Available in several styles and fabrics, the qamis is an outfit that has been designed and intended to be worn all year round. In this article, we show you the type of ideal qamis to wear during the spring.

Why choose a special spring qamis?

The qamis has the advantage of being an outfit that does not fade of style and that adapts well to all seasons. For a man to be reliably dressed in an elegant, comfortable, and above all, season-appropriate style, professional designers have developed the special spring qamis that will harmonize perfectly with the warm springtime climate.

Nowadays, there are styles of long-sleeved and bright-colored qamis from Muslim countries, including the United Arab Emirates. These feature lightweight fabrics and are excellent for adding more aesthetics to your wardrobe.

The Emirati Qamis: The ideal choice for spring

Light, fresh, and wide, the Emirati Qamis is a traditional tunic sewn by hand and ideal for dressing with elegance and class during the spring season. Its chic and original style with long sleeves is different from other types of special spring qamis that favor short sleeves.

That said, the Emirati Qamis has the particularity of having a very personal design at the neck and chest. Indeed, it has no collar and has a snap closure, a triangle-shaped pattern and a "tarboucha.” This touch of originality contributes to a great presence and a certain allure to whoever wears it.

In addition, made of microfibers, it has the advantage of preserving body heat. In addition, its sleeves are ample and its fabric has been designed so that it does not stick to the skin and lets the air ventilate.

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