Everything there is to know about the Qandrissi Serwel

Despite an unconvincing beginning, the Serwel has become, in recent years, a popular fashion choice with a large number of people. Let’s explore the origins and evolution of these baggy pants.

The origins of the Serwel

Originating from Persia, the Serwel are pants characterized by a wide and low crotch that reaches to the knees. Over time, this outfit transcended many cultural boundaries, through the process of trade and cultural exchanges.

Thus, it succeeded in conquering the hearts of inhabitants of the Sahara and North Africa, and passing through the Caucasus until arriving in Turkey. It was immediately popular among men living in regions with warm temperatures thanks to its comfortable, loose fit.

the serwel adapted perfectly to regions with an arid climate because of its lightweight cotton fabric and loose fit. It also wasn’t uncommon for women to adopt this design, as well. Of course, it subsequently underwent several modifications to accommodate the two genders and various customs and traditions of each region.

The Qandrissi Serwel

The Qandrissi Serwel is the Moroccan variant of the Serwel. This particular design is distinguished with its embroidery or maalem, which is typical in many traditional Moroccan outfits.

These pants can be worn either casually or for special occasions. Wide at the hips and tight at the the calves, It is suitable for all tastes and all body types. The Qandrissi serwel is one of those rare styles in that it proves to be both refined and casual in appearance and it accommodates any body type.

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merci de ces informations
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merci de ces informations

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