How to choose among the different types of sarouels that exist

So you are considering buying a sarouel, but are you hesitating between the different styles available? No problem, we can help you find your choice. To do this, simply read this article.


The different types of sarouels on the market

Currently there are three main types of sarouels available for sale: the Moroccan style Qandrissi sarouel, the Algerian-style straight cut sarouel, and the legless sarouel, also called izar (loincloth).

Each of these styles is generally carried under a qamis. That said, it is possible to it without a qamis for comfort, especially when you are at home.

In addition, for each style, you can opt for the fabric and color of your choice. Thus, your sarouel and your qamis will be able to match without any problem.


How to choose the right sarouel?

In reality, your choice of sarouel will mostly depend on your tastes and needs as well as the qamis you possess. Since the sarouel is mainly accompanied by a qamis, ideally you should select it according to the type and color of the qamis that you want to wear.

For example, if you wear an Algerian-style qamis, it is best to consider the Algerian-style straight cut sarouel so that both fabrics match. Similarly, it is recommended to select the Qandrissi sarouel when you wear the Djalabiya. In addition, if you want more comfort, you should consider the izar.

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