What are the different Serwel designs?

Because of its recreational and casual style, serwels have become a very popular fashion choice across the globe. For those seeking comfort and convenience in your wardrobe, serwels are a choice second to none. And as its popularity continues to soar, professional designers have modified this outfit with several different styles.


Serwels designed with pant legs

Currently, there are two different types of serwels with legs on the market. The first one is a Moroccan-style serwel qandrissi. This style is distinguished by its bagginess and pant legs which descend to the calves.

You can also opt for the Algerian-style, straight cut serwel pants. These are characterized by a less curved shape, a higher crotch and longer legs than the serwel qandrissis.

Available in several colors, these two types of serwels will accompany your kamees perfectly. In addition, you can opt for the fabric of your choice for more comfort or warmth, depending on the season.


Serwels designed without pant legs

A single cut of serwels without legs is available for sale on the market. Because of their practicality and comfort, these serwels can be worn with a kamees or alone at home for example.

They come in different colors, such as white, beige, gray, black, etc. It’s also possible to modify the fabric, when ordering. Don’t wait any longer, order your new quality, tailor-made serwel today by visiting the "tailor-made serwel" section of our website.

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Posted by Mahamadou Touré on 2018-09-29 00:43:10
could you please make your website more easier to use ???? It's bee over an hour that i try to order a serouel who goes with the quamis Gray satin that i'm trying to order , but no way .

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