What is the Izar and how to wear it?

In many Arab countries, the traditional style can be accompanied by an Izar. Very comfortable and practical, this long fabric requires a special technique to wear it. We encourage you to learn about this below.

The Izar: What is it?

Initially, the Izar was worn by Bedouin Arab tribes. But, because of its qualities, this long loincloth has been adopted by many peoples and various civilizations. As of today, it’s a popular fashion choice which can be worn for many different occasions.

The Izar, also called Wizaar, Fouta, Sarong, or Ma'awi, consists of a long piece of rectangle-shaped fabric whose width is about one meter. This coat is used to cover the body from the hips to the ankles. It is usually simple and white, but it also exists with decorations and in several colors.

How to wear the Izar

At first, it may seem difficult to wear an Izar, but with decent technique and experience it becomes a breeze. To prevent it from falling so you can move freely, we encourage you to master the following method.

Take your Izar by both ends, open it and place it behind you then close it by bringing each end of the fabric together. Finally, all you have to do is tie it in the back with its strings or pinch thte fabric in at the waist if it does not have one.

That said, there are also Izar with belts or with elastic for those who wish to skip these steps. You can order now your new Izar by going on the heading " Custom Serwel " of our site.

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