Our material Cashmere

One of our top fabrics, low wrinkle and easy to iron the Cashmere Wool is used for Italian and English costume making it is thick and soft ideal for cooler days and stay classy. It will still be adapted to the temperate climate but not the hot temperatures.


2 colors with patterns are available and 4 solid colors:

- Black

- Brown

- Beige

- Navy blue


Our material Cotton

Cotton, one of the most appreciated fabrics is slightly fluid and difficult to wrinkle, enjoy a sensation of freedom with this fine cotton fabric for optimal comfort. It will be very suitable especially during periods of high heat.


3 colors are available:


- Cream

- Black


Our material ImperialOur material Linen

One of our top fabrics, Linen as its name lets guess is a linen fabric, known for its hollow fiber that protects from heat in summer and cold in winter although this last point is little known to the general public. Slightly rigid, the linen qamis give a better hold of the worn fabric.


1 color available:



Our material Luxury

One of our premium fabrics, the Luxury is of an optimal quality "Made in Japan". Rather rigid, Luxury is made by Toyobo recognized for its ultra-resistant textile fiber and its indisputable quality for centuries. Mat / Satin


Available in white


Our material Platinium MatOur material Platinium Satiné

Platinium is one of our high-end fabrics. Slightly rigid for a perfect fit of the qamis when worn. Satin / mat


7 colors are available


Our Material Precious MatOur material Precious Satiné

Fluid and very supple this fabric is declinable in satin and mate.

The Precious is neither thin nor thick, so it will protect you from the air whether it is hot or cold


14 colors are available with satin and matte, you choose


Our material Royal

Fluid and very supple and satin, the Royal is neither thin nor thick, it has the same texture as the Precious but has the peculiarity of being scratched.


2 colors are available:

- White

- Black


Our material Spring

Lightweight and thin with a neutral hold

Matt appearance.


Available colors :

- White

- Cream

- Black