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White and Grey Ghutra

So you have your Kandura, and all you need now is to complete it with a nice, complimentary headscarf. Why not go for a white Ghutra, a traditional headscarf that has remained a favourite of most men for long? A white Kandura and a white Ghutra are definitely a perfect match for you. The Ghutra is held beautifully held in place by the agal, a nice ornate headband.

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19,90 €

Wearing a white Ghutra is very necessary, especially if you live in a city with intense sunshine. A white Ghutra reflects much of the sunshine, and the heat too, hence a blessing for sensitive scalps. Talking of decency, a white ghutra is very popular with diplomats too, especially in the UAE. Wearing it is quite tasteful and fashionable.

So, don’t just pick anything for a ghutra. Look for a combination of factors that make it tick. These include style, quality, and durability, and that is exactly where our focus is. Our white ghutra are of good quality.

As much as head dresses in most GCC countries are more less similar, the white ghutra is distinctive to the UAE. Besides, each GCC country has a slight distinction of their head dress. However, There is a very slight distinction of social class by choice of color. The choice of colors today, whether white (ghutra or sufra), or red and checkered white (Shimagh), is mostly based on fashion preferences. If you wish, you can also do with a white keffiyeh in place of a white ghutra, or use them interchangeably.

As for the size, make sure to find the standard size which is the 54".


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