3 ways to wear your Shemagh

First adopted by the Bedouins, the shemagh eventually grew to be adopted by the men of the entire Muslim world. Considered a traditional scarf in Arab countries, over the last few years it has achieved popularity in the rest of the world. Below, we reveal three ways wear your shemagh.


How to wear the shemagh

Above all, the purpose of wearing the shemagh is to cover one's head and some parts of the face to protect oneself from sand, heat, or cold. It is very popular and is considered a mark of national distinction in some Gulf countries.

Nowadays, the shemagh has grown into a must-have fashion accessory in every corner of the planet. Indeed, it has the distinction of bringing more elegance and class to your overall appearance.

Because of its practical application, it has also been adopted by the military for use in hostile environments in order for soldiers to camouflage and protect themselves from harsh weather conditions.


The different ways to wear the shemagh

In general, the shemagh is worn either tied behind the head, or dropped and fixed on the head using an iqal. However, there are many variations specific to certain countries or specific to a particular style.

The first way to put on one's shemagh is the modest, casual style of tucking one end of the scarf over the opposite shoulder. The second way is the eagle style of Arabia. To adopt this style both ends should be placed on one shoulder. In general, this method is used as part of a desert tour to protect yourself from the cold.

The third method is the VIP style. It is recommended to let both ends hang at the chest and bend the mirzam at the forehead. This model is mainly adopted by ministers and high ranking people.

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