A Qamis made to measure: With or without cufflinks?

Like any shirt, the qamis, also called “kamis” or “dishdashi,” in some countries, turns out to be a garment that can be easily personalized. Indeed, it is possible, if you wish, to adorn the long sleeves of your qamis with stylish cufflinks to add a personal touch. That said, there are also many excellent designs capable of offering you a unique and elegant style by themselves, without cufflinks. Below, Custom-Qamis helps you compare the customized qamis with cufflinks and the one without cufflinks.


The customized qamis with cufflinks

It is true that cufflinks are the perfect accessory to lend a personalized style to your qamis. Many of us have adopted this principle and do not hesitate to opt for these when they want to look sharp.

Cufflinks with metal trimmings: Your choice will depend your personal tastes, the type of sleeves you wear and the atmosphere you want to adopt. In addition, the cufflinks have the particularity of having multiple shapes and different colors and patterns. This proves to be a considerable asset in fashion as it is all the easier to match these with the clothes of your wardrobe.


The customized qamis without cufflinks

When we talk about a tailor-made qamis, we think directly of the cufflinks. That said, did you know that it is entirely possible to customize your qamis without the inclusion of cufflinks?

Indeed, the customization includes many stages: the choice of the cut, collar, closure, sleeves, etc. For example, you can very well opt for a more casual style by not including cufflinks, which might make your appearance a little too stylish for certain occasions.

In addition, to express your personality in the most sincere way possible, it is possible to opt for a sleeveless qamis or a Pakistani cut. In short, the choice of whether or not to wear cufflinks is a matter of personal tastes and preferences.

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