After the custom kamees, we present you the custom bisht

The bisht is often less-known than the kamees. However, because of its traditional importance this Saudi style deserves your attention. In the following section, we’’ explore the bisht in more detail.


What is the Bisht?

The bisht is very popular in Saudi Arabia and many Gulf countries. It’s a type of long and loose coat that Arab men wear over their kamees to bring a touch of class to their clothes on special occasions.

It’s typically worn during various important events, such as weddings, festivals, religious festivals, etc.

The bisht is also typically worn by people of important stature, including the imams during the Friday sermon, Arab politicians, scholars of Islam, newlyweds, etc.


The different bisht qualities

Like the kamees, the trend has shifted in recent years to customizing the bisht. These days, men feel that fashion should reflect their personal tastes and preferences.

There are bisht available in a multitude of colors, such as white, black, gray, brown, beige, and blue. In addition, for those who want even more elegance and quality, it’s possible to get the custom bisht designed in camel wool hair. These are also ideal clothes for winter.

Custom-Qamis offers you the opportunity to order you own high-quality, custom bisht from the United Arab Emirates. All you need to do is simply visit our website, and provide us with your measurements and other details.

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Posted by Zakariya on 2018-06-08 05:25:27
Selem alaykoum wa rahmatoullah, je trouve ça tres jolie le bisht c’est ce que porte les ‘ouléma en Arabie où l’es personne du gouvernement alors même pour l’aid personnellement je me voie pas emporter surtout pas en France et ni en Arabie d’ailleurs et encore moin au bled.

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