What kinds of oriental fragrances are offered by Custom-Qamis?

As a leader in the customization of tailor-made qamis and serwels, Custom-Qamis continues to amaze us. Indeed, our favorite online store knows how to go about indulging its customers with luxury products and quality accessories. There is something for every taste. If you are a lover of oriental products, stay with us because you will appreciate the wide range of Oriental fragrances available.


The Abdul Samad Al Qurashi and the Arabian Oud collections

To satisfy you, Custom-Qamis has chosen to provide you with excellent fragrances from the Abdul Samad Al Qurayshi collection. This famous brand has existed for more than 150 years. And because of their long experience, they offer a wide variety of different fragrances. Currently, Custom-Qamis has selected for you more than twenty different scents.

The second oriental perfume model present on the site is the famous Arabian Oud collection. Launched in 1982, this brand quickly became the largest producer of Oriental fragrances in the world. And to satisfy you, you have the choice between 22 products on any budget.

The Ajmal and the Al Haramain collections

If you like both traditional and modern perfumes, you will definitely want to explore the Ajmal collection. Founded in 1951, the brand is proving to be the largest supplier of oriental fragrances in the Middle East. We offer 14 luxury scents with remarkable notes.

Finally, you can also opt for several fragrances from the Al Haramain collection. This luxury perfume has been on the market since 1970. In a short time, it has grown and is now known worldwide. You have before you 8 high quality products.

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