How and where to customize your Qamis

If a few years ago it was not yet possible, now with Custom-Qamis, you can have your tailor-made, customized qamis shipped ordered online and shipped directly to you. No need to venture out to the mall, it is possible to place your order online. Below, we explain the steps to follow.


Custom-Qamis: An innovative idea

As an industry leader in tailor-made qamis, Custom-Qamis is an online store that offers to tailor your qamis and customize them according to your tastes and preferences through its site by following eight simple and fast steps.

Since its creation in March 2013, this site has grown into the must-stop shop for all qamis enthusiasts. In just a few minutes, you can order your tailor-made qamis, designed in the United Arab Emirates with high quality fabrics, from the best professional designers in the region, and have it delivered to you no matter where you live.


Custom-Qamis: How it works

By visiting the site, you must select the heading "qamis". A variety of combinations will be displayed to help you design your own personal and unique qamis.

To do this, first choose the style of qamis you want. Then take the opportunity to mix it with the other features and accessories proposed at each step, namely the type of cut, fabric, collar, closure, sleeve, and pocket.

Once your qamis is designed, it is recommended that you provide your accurate measurements in order to make you a cut that perfectly aligns with your figure. Take a moment to consider accompanying your qamis with several accessories, including the chachia, ghoutra, shemagh, bisht, etc. Several types of customizable serwels are also featured on the site, as well.

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