I’m going to tell you everything about the two-tone Edge Qamis

Always eager to wear beautiful clothes and have a clean, fresh look, you always tend to opt for a sublime qamis. So you are looking for a coat that is both pleasant, comfortable, and above all, fits you properly and aligns with Muslim custom and tradition. You would then do well to go to Custom-Qamis to fulfill your wish. As a leader in the field of upscale custom qamis, we offer the best products at very attractive prices.


The characteristics of the two-tone Edge Qamis

Master of qamis, Custom-Qamis offers you consistently high quality original qamis, no matter where you live in the world. A multitude of models and cuts of men’s abayas with many different colors is available for sale in our shops and on our site to meet our customer’s demands and conform to the tastes of a wide audience.

In general, the qamis is designed and presented with a unique color. However, Custom-Qamis decided to be original by launching new types of qamis with multiple colors. Thus, was born the two-tone Edge Qamis, a long tunic of high-quality with two colors to choose from.


On what occasions can you wear the two-tone Edge Qamis?

Innovative and elegant, this product is ideal to wear everyday, at work, or at important events, such as religious festivals, weddings, festivals, etc. Of course, the two-tone Edge Qamis is perfect for getting to the mosque to fulfill your daily prayers all while retaining and elegant and chic appearance.

Due to the high-quality fabric from the United Arab Emirates, this design can be worn even when you are traveling or in situations a little more difficult or more hectic. Convinced? If so, just order and customize your new bi-color Edge qamis at home without further ado.

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