Introducing the Custom-Qamis Collection

Since its creation in March 2013 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Custom-Qamis brand, which specializes in the design of high quality custom-made qamis and other oriental luxury goods, has been offering us innovative high-end products at very attractive prices. In the following text, we will show you the Custom-Qamis collection.


Unique Qamis Colors

Custom-Qamis has the advantage of offering a multitude of different types of sublime custom and original qamis. First of all, you have the choice to opt for an excellent and unique qamis color.

This range includes the following types of qamis: the Saudi Qamis, Emirati Qamis, Abadi Qamis, Sultan Qamis, Omani Qamis, Kuwait Qamis, Qatari Qamis, and the Djalabiya.


The Two-Toned Qamis

If Custom-Qamis stands out from its competitors, it's thanks to its innovative concept, but also its great ideas for designing qamis. Indeed, the Custom-Qamis collection has the distinction of owning wonderful designs such as the Two-Tone Custom Qamis.

This range consists of the following Qamis models: the Trim Qamis, Trendy Qamis, Two-Tone, Qamis, Athletic Qamis, Wave Qamis, and the Edge Qamis. That said, each type of qamis, whether single color or two color, can be customized according to your tastes and preferences. In addition, it can be tailor-made, after simply sending your measurements when you order.

Thus, by going to the section "Customize your Custom Qamis", you have the opportunity to choose between several features to get the qamis that best suits your personality. Each design is available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and different cuts to choose from. Plus, you can choose the type of collar, closure, pockets, and sleeves you want.

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Posted by RABI on 2021-01-04 10:32:19
Bonjour, Salam alaykum,Où sont fabriqués les "custom qamis" svp ? Je vois que la conception est réalisée à Dubaî... Merci de votre retour. Cordialement, Mme RABI

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