What types of collars does Custom-Qamis offer?

The qamis is a traditional garment that has been worn by men of Muslim faith for generations. There are a variety of types of qamis. Each model has specific characteristics. The collar of the qamis is one of the important details that contributes more aesthetically and allows you to differentiate between the various styles. Below, we present the different types of collars available at Custom-Qamis.


The collarless qamis and the hooded qamis

The qamis is like a shirt, its collar makes all the difference. Depending on the type of collar, you can easily guess what type of shirt you are dealing with. However, unlike the shirt, the qamis features collarless models and hoodies.

In the world of qamis, each model abides by a specific type of collar. The Emirati Qamis is one of those which does not have a collar. This particular design lends the qamis a certain touch of elegance and originality. As for the hooded qamis, there are two types: the right hood and the rounded hood.


The qamis with a high collar

This design consists of the most variation in the style of collars available on the site. In fact, Custom-Qamis offers five models of different collars: the Abadi Collar, the Cutaway Collar, the Qatari Collar, the Kuwait Collar and the Saudi Collar.

Each of them is available in several designs. For example, the Abadi Collar, which has the particularity of not having any buttons, is available with a straight or rounded collar. In addition, the Cutaway Collar, equipped with a collar at both ends pointed and spread, is designed either with a visible button or with a snap.

For more details on our different designs of qamis and collars, do not hesitate to get in-touch with one of our professional advisers in fashion by writing to us by email or by calling our number.

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