What are the advantages of ordering your Serwel from our site?

The serwel style is attracting more and more people from various populations around the globe. To satisfy a large number of people, professional designers have made every effort to modify these traditional, loose pants to accommodate different cultural preferences. Thus, one can find on the market a wide range of tailor-made serwel designs. That said, Custom-Qamis has distinguished itself from other sites specialized in selling qamis and other oriental clothes. In the following section we’ll discuss why you should consider Custom-Qamis.

Quality tailored Serwels

First of all, Custom-Qamis has the considerable advantage of offering tailor-made serwels of exceptional quality from the United Arab Emirates. These are designed by the best-known couturiers and professional artisans in the country.

We also provide a wide selection of fabrics, sizes, colors, and styles to ensure that everyone's expectations are met without exception. For example, you can opt for a Moroccan style qandrissi serwel, an Algerian style straight cut serwel, or an izar according to your tastes and preferences.

Serwels are perfectly compatible with your qamis

Wearing serwels on their own is a standard fashion choice, but wearing serwel that match with your Qamis is also an increasingly popular choice. For more style and elegance, Custom-Qamis lets you order and customize your tailored serwel so that they align with your qamis.

Therefore, when you order tailor-made serwel, you’ll be able to customize it to match it harmoniously with your appearance. In other words, you can select the fabric, color, cut, and pattern that best suits your qamis.
Simply follow the various steps on our site by sharing with us the details of your order and other preferences.

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Posted by Kadidja cheiko on 2019-01-13 09:28:48
asalam, je voudrais saraweel pour le femme si vous en avant. merci

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