Light Brown and White Shemagh

A Light Brown and White Shimagh or keffiyeh is perfect for use during any season. Made from cotton, (although some are made from polyester), it is very soft and comfortable to wear. Its knotted tassel ends are so made in such a way that it does not easily wear out. It is therefore meant to last long, It is protective against direct sunshine.

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24,90 €

It is also perfect for use during winter, only that you may have to choose a different color. Wrap it around your neck or on the head for best protection from strong winds, sun, sand and snow, Light Brown and White shimagh being the perfect choice for any season, where sun, cold and wind are the prevalent conditions. Of course styles of wearing it vary, but wrapping it around the head and face is the best.

You are also not restricted to a single pattern. There is quite a variety of patterns to choose from. It is cool to wear anytime.

For those new to shimagh, it is both a cultural and symbol of identity for most people in the Arab world. If you are traveling to such countries, you may wear buy one or several pieces for yourself for use while there. Available 55" size is perfect for most of mens.


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Light Brown and White Shemagh (24.9 EUR)