What are the different brands of oriental fragrances available at Custom-Qamis?

Specialized in the sale of oriental products, Custom-Qamis has an arsenal of luxury, oriental perfumes. With this wide selection of fragrances, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match. Below, let's look at the different brands we offer.

Ajmal and Al Haramain

The first brand available at Custom-Qamis is Ajmal. We have selected for you 14 luxurious products with impressive characteristics. You will love the notes released by its perfumes that perfectly combine tradition and modernity.
Dating back to 1951, the Ajmal brand is the leading fragrance supplier in the Middle East, today. Over the years, this perfume producer has opened several stores and its products have become some of the best perfumes in the region.

The second brand proposed is Al Haramain. Here, you have the choice between 8 exceptional products. Your heart will certainly yearn for the remarkable notes of its aromas. Active in the perfume market since 1970, the brand quickly grew and built a large network through its multiple designs and showrooms organized around the world.

Abdul Samad Al Quraishi and Arabian Oud

The third brand we’ll discuss is the Abdul Samad Al Quraishi, with 27 exceptional products, all with very diversified notes. In business for more than 150 years, the brand offers a myriad of products and is one of the most famous luxury perfumeries in the world.

The fourth available mark is Arabian Oud. Here, we offer 22 high-quality products. Launched in 1982, this luxury perfume is the largest producer and distributor of perfume. They specialize in incense, oriental fragrances, and oily fragrances worldwide. The company has more than 3,700 employees, 800 subsidiaries, and more than 400 specialty shops selling Oriental and Western fragrances.

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