1.1 - Prices are quoted in euros, taxes are included. 

1.2 - Custom Qamis reserves the right to modify its prices at all times. The products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the confirmation of the order by Custom Qamis.


2.1 - The customer declares to haveacknowledged and accepted the present general terms of sale before placing his order.

2.2 - The order mustbe paid on the website: 

2.3 - The Parties shall reciprocally acknowledge that the products presented on the website may not be available or on sale at the time of ordering.

2.4 - When saving data in the "My Account ", the customer shall ensure the accuracy and completeness of the mandatory data he/she provides. Any subsequent changes must be mentioned as soon as possible.


3.1 - A confirmation e-mail with all the details of the order (products, price, quantity…) will be addressed to the customer by Custom Qamis. 

3.2 - The sales contract will be concluded when the Customer verifies the details of his/her order and his/her total price, as well as correct any possible mistakes, then the customer will confirm the contract to Custom Qamis by paying for the total amount of his/her order.


4.1 - Custom Qamis endeavors to update the site according to the stocks of cloths. Nevertheless, some breaks are possible. In this case, Custom Qamis agrees to contact the customer as soon as possible in order to find an alternative. 

4.2 - In case of a reimbursement, it will be done as soon as possible by credit on the customer's paypal account.


5.1 - Custom Qamis endeavors to assure its deliveries as soon as possible. 

5.2 - The products are delivered to the address indicated at the time of the order of the products. 

5.3 - In the event that the product one receives is not in compliance to the order one placed, the customer must contact Custom Qamis via email or letter. Depending on the case, Custom Qamis will proceed to exchange the product. The request must be made within seven (7) business days following the delivery of the product. Any claims made after this deadline will not be accepted. The product must be sent back in the same condition as it was received. If the error is made by Custom Qamis, the shipping costs will be taken care of by Custom Qamis.

5.4 - In the event that the customer does not retrieve his/her product within the expected time frame detailed (for example, 15 day pick-up limit at the Post Office), and the package is returned to the sender, the Customer will be able to pay for the return postage of the parcel at the current price on the site.


6.1 - Payment by credit card

6.1.1 - The credit card number and the date of expiration are encoded and transmitted to Paypal and Hipay without Custom Qamis or a third party having access. Both Paypal and Hipay have a highly secure and strict online payment system in order to ensure the safety of your payment.

6.1.2 - The order amount is debited to the account of the Customer at the time of his/her’s confirmation of payment.

6.2 - Payment by transfer. 

6.2.1 - Banking details for performing the transfer are indicated on the website payment page. Any costs remain the responsibility of the Customer.

6.2.2 - The order will be processed upon the payment receipt to Custom Qamis. As a result, the delivery time applicable are those on the day the payment was received and can be modified from those listed on the day of the transfer of the order.

6.3 - payment by Western Union. The order will be prepared upon receipt of payment by Custom Qamis. Consequently, the applicable delivery times in this case are those on the day of the receipt of the payment and can therefore bemodified with regard to those mentioned when signing the order. 



7.1 - For all tailor-made products, please see Article 9.2.

7.2 - For all other products offered on our website, the customer has a period of seven (7) days from the receipt of the order to terminate the contract of sale of goods reached during the validation of the order (Article 3). In the event that the goods have already been delivered to the Customer, the latter must request a return authorization within 7 days of delivery and return the objects to Custom Qamis without having to give reasons or without having to pay penalties.The customer is responsible for routing return the product to Custom Qamis. To make a return, the customer must inform the customer service via email and send the package to the address that will be given to them. Return costs will be customer's responsibility.



8.1 - Inventory shortages of cloth, delivery delay, strike (including in the transportation) or case of force majeure and, generally for all events not exclusively relating to and/or directly attributable to Custom Qamis will not be the responsibility of Custom Qamis. 

8.2 - Tolerances on size: Regarding the natural springiness of all cloth, our measures can slightly varycompared to the submitted measurements. 

8.3 - Liability won’t be binding on Custom Qamis if there is a slight difference in many of the same quality fabrics. 

8.4 - Regarding the changes of colorimetric profile on screens, liability won’t be binding on Custom Qamis if a slight difference of coloration exists on the photo of cloth ordered on the site. 



9.1 - The customer could receive new buttons, snaps, balls or zippers in an unlimited way, if he loses or breaks one of them during his Qamis' first year of life. The guarantee start from the date of receipt. The customer would have to send a message via the contact form to notify us his need and attach the photo of the element to replace.

9.2 - For all our custom-made products (Qamis, Serwel and Bisht), a 100% made-to-measure guarantee gives the customer the right to return the product if it does not fit them as they wish so that Custom Qamis can alter the product or, depending on the case, the exchange for the same product made with new measures. The cost of shipping the package to our relay point will be borne by the customer. The shipping costs of the package from the relay point to the United Arab Emirates and then those back to the customer will be borne by Custom Qamis. However, no refunds or exchanges will be accepted for any reason other than a measurement problem.



For all information or questions, customer service is at your disposal at: