What is the purpose of wearing a ghoutra?

The ghutra, which can also be written also as "ghutra," consists of a traditional headdress that is widely appreciated for its multiple benefits and is considered a marker of social distinction in many Gulf countries. In the following lines, we will explore the importance of this fashion accessory.


The ghoutra offers real protection

For several centuries, Arab men have worn the ghoutra on their heads to protect themselves from the often extreme climate in their countries. Generally, they choose to don a white ghoutra in summer to protect themselves from the sun. Indeed, the bright white of this scarf will act in such a way that it will deflects the rays of the sun.

That said, the ghutra can be worn in all seasons. For this, it is necessary to choose the color and the fabric adapted to the climate. And thanks to its quality fabric the ghoutra is also able to protect from the cold in winter.


The ghoutra: a social symbol

The unique style of the ghoutra allows it to accompany the clothes perfectly while giving them a touch of elegance. Its rectangular shape, its design, and its typically white color (though also available in many other colors) make it a very popular accessory for Arab men.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this scarf is designed with light and silky fabrics to provide optimal comfort to the wearer. Designed in a traditional way, it respects and harmonizes perfectly with the customs of certain Gulf countries.

The way to wear the ghutra is also important in these areas. The methods of putting it on vary according to the rank and status of the person, where he is or the style he wants to adopt: Minister or senior official, teacher, student, casual, modest, fashionable, or desert traveler looking for protection from the sand and cold, etc. Come explore the different styles with Custom-Qamis.

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