When can you wear a bisht, and why should you?

The bisht is an accessory to accompany the qamis on special occasions. Less known than qamis, it is still very popular with Muslim men, particularly in Saudi Arabia.


Why is wearing a bisht appreciated by so many?

Worn over the qamis like a coat, the bisht is a kind of long cloak adorned with dazzling golden embroideries and very popular with Arab men. In some Muslim countries, it is often compared to the burnous. It can be found in the market in a variety of colors, including brown, black, white, gray, blue, and beige.

Generally made from soft and light fabrics, the bisht has the distinction of being able to be worn in any season. Most models are available with materials like cotton and polyester. However, it is possible to find high quality bishts made from camel hair. These are ideal for protecting you from the cold in winter.


On what occasions can we wear the bisht?

Because of its luxurious and elegant look, with beautiful gilded embroidery and a two-string tassel closure, the bisht is considered one of the best accessories to put on at major events, such as religious holidays and weddings.

However, the custom in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, is that it is mainly carried by important personalities, such as governors, ministers, senior officials, politicians, scientists, imams at mosque during Friday sermon, and sometimes those who call to prayer.

Just like the qamis, the bisht is making a big impact in the world of fashion. Do not hesitate to order your new bisht on our site by contacting us by email or phone.

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