Qamis long sleeve or Qamis short sleeve?

When buying your new qamis, you are always happy to visit your favorite custom qamis site. Once connected and you have arrived at the next step of customization. You start to choose the features necessary for the design of your dishdasha. After having taken the necessary steps of choosing the design, the cut, the fabric, the collar, and the closure successfully, you suddenly feel a great hesitation when it comes to making a choice on the type of sleeves: qamis long-sleeved or qamis short-sleeved, what should I choose? After reading this article, perhaps you will feel more confident in your decision.


The long sleeves qamis

In addition to being ideal to wear during cool seasons or to protect against particular weather conditions, such as rainy weather, strong winds, or intense sun, the long sleeves qamis is also the perfect way to bring you a more classy style.

Indeed, it allows you to adorn at the ends of the sleeves beautiful cufflinks. These have the advantage of existing in different materials and several shapes and colors to choose according to your desires and the appearance that you want to convey. In addition, the long sleeves qamis is better if you are more attracted to the Pakistani style cut, for example.


The short sleeves qamis

The short sleeves qamis is excellent to wear during the sunny days of summer and spring. This allows you to enjoy the mild and temperate climate in a very comfortable way. In addition, the short sleeves qamis is worth considering if you want to opt for a more sporty and casual look. Moreover, this presents a good opportunity to reveal a beautiful watch.

In case you prefer both comfort and elegance, you can opt for several qamis designs, such as the Wave Qamis or the Emirati Qamis. To discover our wide range of upscale and customizable tailor-made qamis, we invite you to consult our "Qamis" and "Photo Gallery" sections on our website.

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