What is the Sultan Qamis and when is it appropriate to wear?

In addition to the qamis models on the site, Custom-Qamis makes its own products. This is the case of the Sultan qamis, the perfect outfit for big events. In the following lines, we will describe for you this elegant and refined outfit.


History of Qamis Sultan

Since its inception in the United Arab Emirates, Custom-Qamis aims to offer its customers models of high-quality qamis sewn by hand from the best professional dressmakers in the country. It is in this same perspective that they launched in November 2016 the Sultan, a new style of qamis ideal for wearing during big days.

As soon as it was released, the Sultan Qamis was a dazzling success and immediately became the 2016 bestseller of boutique fashion, despite its late appearance on the market. Beautiful, luxurious, and original, it has been adopted by many men around the world in a record time.


When is the best time to wear the Sultan Qamis?

The Sultan Qamis is a design that achieves a more elegant, chic, and better look than its predecessors. Indeed, this high-class qamis has a unique and exclusive style designed especially for important occasions, such as parties, weddings, or other important meetings.

With beautiful embroidery on the bust closure, and the collar, and sleeves, the Sultan Qamis brings an aesthetic touch and extra class. It is available in all sizes and in a variety of colors, including white, gray, beige, blue, and black. Moreover, it is quite possible to customize a design tailored perfectly to your needs by simply providing your measurements.

In addition, the Sultan Qamis is made of Cashmere Wool, a soft and thick fabric that is easy to iron and excellent for keeping you warm in the winter. Soft and silky, it also has the advantage of being extremely comfortable.

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