Which fabrics can I choose for my Qamis in summer?

Summer is coming and you are still wondering what kind of fabric can I choose for my beautiful qamis? It may be that you buy a sublime qamis, but because of the wrong choice of fabric you are not able to wear it comfortably. It will be even more annoying if you have planned to bring it during your summer vacation yet you cannot put it on when the reality of the warm climate settles in. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, Custom-Qamis explores with you the different fabrics for the summer season.


The fabrics reserved exclusively for summer

When the sun is out, you must adapt and dress accordingly. In case of hot weather, your fabric should be light enough, but not transparent enough so that you still dress within the acceptable boundaries of Muslim custom.

To do this, simply opt for a qamis with a fabric specially designed to be worn during the months of the summer season. Abiding by this principle, you can choose between these following types of fabrics: linen, spring, Japanese fabric, or cotton.


Fabrics for all seasons

If you've had a look at a qamis design, but it does not exist in linen, spring, Japanese fabric, or cotton, you have the possibility to opt for an all-season fabric. Indeed, this type of fabric can be an excellent alternative solution.

That said, all-season fabric is also very interesting in case you want to wear the same type of qamis throughout the year. The following are all-season fabrics: platinium, luxury, royal, and precious. Have you already chosen? Do not wait any longer, just order your new qamis at Custom-Qamis today.

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Posted by ابراهيم on 2019-06-11 06:16:43
Do you have the known Saudi bentaly material to be customer for a thobe?

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