What are the distinguishing features of the Imad Qamis?

Custom-Qamis has launched its qamis customization feature online. It’s an innovative concept that customers worldwide are very satisfied with. The site puts at your disposal a multitude of original, high-quality qamis designs. Among the products on display is Imad Qamis, a unique design created by the Custom-Qamis team itself.


Custom-Qamis in two words

Since the creation of its website in 2013, the Custom-Qamis online store has been designing and selling customizable qamis and serwels. Over the years, the innovative brand coming straight from the UAE, has begun to offer more accessories and more comprehensive services to serve a maximum number of people.

As of now, the site provides a wide range of excellent products and accessories for men, such as oriental perfumes, cufflinks, ghoutra, shemagh, chachia, bisht, sandals, etc. To go further, Custom-Qamis develops and designs its own models of qamis, including the Imad Qamis.


The peculiarities of Qamis Imad

Custom-Qamis provides its clients with a complete and easy-to-use interactive platform. In just a few minutes, it is possible to order and customize the qamis and / or harem pants of your dreams.

The many models of qamis on sale on the site as well as in several physical shops in France are available under a variety of fabrics and colors. You can also opt for a brand creation, like the Imad qamis.

The latter differs from other models of qamis in that it has a discreet closure on the side at the torso. This small detail adds to the qamis a touch of aesthetics and class while harmonizing with its simple and sober style. This original model is customizable and available to measure and in all sizes of course.

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