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Kameez Trim Royal Blue & White Satin

The kamiz, or kamees, is an important part of your wardrobe, and you're looking for the perfect fabric, matched with the perfect style, for all your personal needs. Choosing the first thoub you see is often a mistake, as the material might not be right, or the fit might not work for you. 

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Looking great and expressing yourself are two of the more important parts of any thobe, so finding one that works for you can be challenging. Stop here, on the Kameez Trim, Precious blue satin white and satin white fabrics, to finally find the jubba that accentuates your professional standing, and keeps you cool in hot weather climates with its soft, satin feel.

This stunning blue thobe allows for a discreet, complete, flowing look to the design, and the double cuffs allow for stylish cufflinks, if desired. Three buttons down the front add a pop of style, while the spacious shirt pocket allows you to hold important papers, pens, or other items necessary to your profession. The white border on the pocket accentuates the dazzling blue satin of this kandura, adding a break in the fabric to loan an extra hint of style to the overall design.

The importance of the stylish thoube in many Arabic communities is unmatched. Everyone, from religious leaders, to professors, to anyone who wants to be taken seriously within their community, makes sure to have more than one kamiz in a collection. Add this jubba to your collection today, to make sure you have a light, airy, loose, comfortable piece to wear when the weather gets hot.

Whether you live in the arid desert of the Arab Nation, or you live in the moody weather of the American Northeast, you'll want this stylish, satin blue fabric wrapped around you to keep you relevant, yet cool during your trek to the mosque, classroom, or anywhere. Available in standard size or custom, to meet all your needs.

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