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Kameez Trend white and anthracite gray ribbon

The Kameez Trend, white Spring fabric and anthracite gray ribbon is an essential part of your thoub wardrobe. If you don't have this thobe from Custom-Qamis yet, you have to ask yourself why, and you have to hurry to purchase today. The interior zip on this piece allows for a smooth-looking finish, with the zipper lined with the gray ribbon.

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47,40 €

Stylish ribbon wraps around the neck piece as well as around the cuffs, loaning this white kandura a splash of unique color. Everyone knows how important the kamiz, or kamees, is to the wardrobe in muslim communities the world over, and if you don't have this specific jubba in your collection, ask yourself why. The fabric is very thin and very light for a warm spring day, but warm enough for a gust of sharp winter wind.

If evening is approaching in the unforgiving desert areas, or if you need to wear your kamiz in the fickle spring/fall areas of the Northern hemisphere, this white Spring fabric will keep the weather away from your skin. Warm yet breathable, this stylish thoube is a must to add to your collection.

Even if you are traveling to another location around the world, you'll want this piece in your suitcase, in case the weather isn't what you expected. Never get stuck with nothing but light, satiny kanduras, when a stronger fabric is necessary. Buy this piece in its standard size, or customize it to fit you perfectly, and be reassured that you'll be comfortable no matter where you go.

Buy a few to keep one in the travel case, one in the office, and one at home, in case a night run into the cold desert comes up. Short work days that turn into long work nights call for a fabric that breathes, yet simultaneously keeps you warm. Order this thoube today to meet all your needs.

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Kameez Trend white and anthracite gray ribbon (47.4 EUR)

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