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Kamees Two Tone Black & White Striped

Some clothes manage to rise to the rank of classic clothing, and manage to survive through history as is the case with the Kamees. Also called the Kamiz, Thoub, Thoube, Thob, Thobe, Thawb, Jubba or Kandura, there are several inspired modifications to this outfit in the different Muslim countries. 

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50,90 €

The Kamees Two Tone in Royal black striped fabric with striped white borders is one of the designs that you must absolutely acquire if you like good quality items that contribute to a great look without effort.

This garment of great beauty will not fail to make you noticed on special occasions, such as religious ceremonies. Thanks to the high-quality fabric, popular for its great flexibility and fluidity, not only is this Kamees comfortable, but also exquisite.

Presenting a Saudi collar, this Kamees is distinguished by its closure on the torso, which closes by means of a zipper, which is kept concealed behind a band made of white striped fabric. The same fabric is found on the upper part of the pocket present on the front of the garment.

This item is available in all standard sizes. But regardless of your size, you can order a model to your preferred measurements and we’ll tailor the outfit for you. Just simply specify what your measurements are.

We value the quality of our items, so we will send you your order within a protected box, so that it arrives to you in excellent condition and retains its true form.

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