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Saudi Kamees Navy Blue

The Kamees, also called Kamiz, Thoub, Thoube, Thob, Thobe, Thawb, Jubba or Kandura, is one of the clothing elements that has managed to charm generations of men of Muslim faith over time. The Kamees Saudi in precious navy blue fabric is a design characterized by its sobriety, and will certainly contribute to a great look.

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42,90 €

The simplicity of this Kamees is what you notice first, and thanks to the high-quality fabric that it’s comprised of, you will be at ease wearing it, because it will be at the same time flexible and fluid.

In addition to the Saudi collar, it closes with a zipper, which is kept hidden behind a ribbon. The only other element that breaks the consistency of this outfit is the pocket located on the torso, where you may wish to place a pen or other similar object.

The emphasis here is on comfort, and the classic sleeves allow you greater freedom of movement of your hands and wrists. A beautiful watch or precious metal bracelet will pair well with this outfit.

This item is available in all standard sizes. But regardless of your size, you can order a model to your preferred measurements and we’ll tailor the outfit for you. Just simply specify what your measurements are.

We value the quality of our items, so we will send you your order within a protected box, so that it arrives to you in excellent condition and retains its true form.

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This review has been posted for Saudi Kamees Navy Blue

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