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Djalabiya White Satin

Among the traditional Muslim garments, there is the djalabiya, also called the Djellaba, Jalabiya, or Jellabiya. This outfit comes from Morocco, and is greatly appreciated by men of Muslim faith. The Djalabiya in luxury white satin fabric is a comfortable outfit that you can wear on a daily basis. 

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The luxury fabric is of a very superior quality from a manufacturer in Toyobo, Japan, which is very well known among lovers of high-end fabric.

The premium fabric from the manufacturer Toyobo, in Japan that is used in this design contributes to the comfort of the outfit. This is a very highly regarded fabric among fine clothing enthusiasts. The white satin of this Djalabiya is highlighted thanks to the quality of the fabric, and contributes to a charming and refined outfit.

If this Djalabiya does not have a collar, it has a right hood, which is excellent to protect you during inclement weather. In order to close the torso of this garment, external buttons are used, which also contribute to the design of the outfit. The choice of classic sleeves has been made for this Djalabiya, which helps to make it a comfortable outfit at the hands and wrists.

This item is available in all standard sizes. But regardless of your size, you can order a model to your preferred measurements and we’ll tailor the outfit for you. Just simply specify what your measurements are.

We value the quality of our items, so we will send you your order within a protected box, so that it arrives to you in excellent condition and retains its true form.

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This review has been posted for Djalabiya White Satin
This review has been posted for Djalabiya White Satin

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