Custom Qamis - Guarantee 100% TAILOR-MADE

A non-fitted measure? Don't worry! We offer the alterations and if necessary we’ll remake an identical Qamis!

Our promise: your full satisfaction from your first tailored Qamis. That's why we have set up a policy of guarantee named "100% TAILOR-MADE".

If for some reason, you want to readjust your Custom Qamis, you have 30 days after receipt of your order to return it. We will take all the attention necessary to make the required alterations or to remake your Custom Qamis, all free of charge (excluding shipment fee).

A personalized support will be provided by one of our team member in order to get a result that will fit entirely with your expectations.

Know that this guarantee is also available for all tailored products in the categories Bisht, Serwel and Izar.

How it works?

(1) When submitting your return request via the contact form, you have to give us maximum details to facilitate the processing:

Is it a question of tightening/shortening or extending/enlarging? What are the measures concerned [qamis length, sleeves, chest width, collar size...]? What are the new measures for the alterations?

(2) We suggest you our return adresse :

The address will be updated shortly.