How to wear your keffiyeh: With or without a chachiya?

The keffiyeh, is a chic and elegant accessory and it can be worn in many different ways depending on the mood and style you want. Below, we’ll explore the best known styles.

Wearing the keffiyeh without a chachiya

If you’re looking to bring more class and originality to your clothes, then wearing a keffiyeh is an excellent option. However, for this fashion accessory to enhance your appearance, it’s essential to master the different techniques used to wear it.

It’s important to keep in mind that you method you use for wearing your keffiyeh, will convey a certain style. If you opt for wearing it without a chachiya, then you must master several methods for tying it so it doesn’t slip from your head.

Also, it’s possible to wear this cap with an iqal, which is a kind of black cord usually worn doubled atop your keffiyeh. It’s very useful for keeping it on your head. You can choose from several styles, including the modest style of folding one end of the scarf on the opposite shoulder, or the cobra style, the butterfly style, the Arabian eagle style, the balance style, the Abu Rashed style, VIP style, etc.


Wearing the keffiyeh with a chachiya

Among the other techniques for wearing your keffiyeh is opting for a chachiya. This accessory is very subtle and prevents the keffiyeh from falling off your head, especially during sudden recreational activities.

To do this, place the chachia on your head, then put your keffiyeh over it. The advantage with this last option is that you can adopt one of the different styles mentioned above, but in a more discreet way than with the iqal, because the chachiya is not visible.

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