How to customize my Qamis?
The process of personalizing your Qamis is guided from beginning to end. To begin, click on "Tailored Qamis". You will find a Qamis customization tool with a tab for each step. The first tab allows you to choose the basic design of Qamis. It is essential to start with this step because the design influences the options to customize later. The Qamis "Wave", for example, is made up of two different materials, the customization tool will show a tab for this second material that is not present for the Qamis "Classic" for example.

Once the design of the Qamis has been chosen, click on the "NEXT STEP" button or on the tab just to the right of the current tab. You will then find the customization of the cut, the fabric (s), the collar and so on until the measurements. Just click on the checkbox of the option that suits you best. You can get more information on each of these options by positioning the mouse cursor over the "more details" button present for each of these options. By positioning the cursor over the image of the option, you will sometimes see a second description image. To view the zoomed image, simply click on it. Some of these options involve an additional cost.

Once each of these options has been validated, go to the "Measurements" tab and choose how to take the measurements on existing Qamis on body by selecting a previously saved measurement profile or by selecting simplified measures .

You have a doubt or maybe you don't understand something on a measure type, just move the mouse cursor (or your finger from your mobile phone) to the name of the measure to see an explanatory illustration.

To finish, click on the "VALIDATE QAMIS" button, the description of the Qamis of your dreams is now in your basket.

You can then add other items to your order, a custom made Serwel made with the same fabric as your Qamis, elegant cufflinks, or other accessories available in the "Accessories" section.

How to choose the material?
You can get more information on each fabric by positioning your mouse cursor on the "more details" button on the "fabric" tab when you customize your Qamis. Would you like to have a more precise idea of the material that would be a relevant choice for your Qamis and highlight your eyes, your skin tone? Go to for advice.

Why I can’t validate an order below € 39.90?
The minimum amount for an order is € 39.90 because we are based in the United Arab Emirates, the shipping costs from this country are quite expensive, that's why we do not send cheap orders.

Do you have a shop?
We do not have a physical shop but an e-commerce shop accessible any time from any place covered by internet. We sometimes organize sales on Paris and others, don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter (indicating your e-mail address in the space reserved at the bottom of the page on our website) in order to be informed of the these sales.



What are the deadlines for making and delivery?
For the delivery times, you have two options:
- Express garment for a 3/4 day garment (optional).
- The time of classic manufacture which varies from 6 to 15 days.
For delivery, we work with DHL who will deliver you all over the world in 48/72 hours.

Are you delivering to my country?
We deliver the whole world.

How much does delivery cost?
For most destinations, shipping costs are from 100 € of order and cost 9,90 € for orders of less than 100 €. For other destinations, the cost of ports cost 24.90 €

If my order is urgent, what do you offer?
Choose express packing (3/4 days) with DHL express delivery (48h to 72h).

Will I be taxed on receipt of my packages?
We guarantee our customers that they will not pay any taxes. They will pay only the price indicated on our site, nothing more, nothing less.



If my qamis or serwel does not suit me correctly, what solution do you propose?
No worries, you have a period of 30 days to return your order to benefit from a free adjustment, you will simply send us the items you want to retouch.

If I break a button, a pressure, do you propose a solution?
You have a one-year warranty for the replacement of buttons (pressures, zippers, laces and other closures) from the date of receipt of your order.



What means of payment do you offer?
We offer 4 different payment methods:
- The provider "HiPay" and its secure payment on the Visa and Mastercard bank cards.
- The now classic PayPal
- Wire Transfer
- Via Western Union

Your payment methods are really secure?
Each of our payment methods are solutions that enjoy a reputation for seriousness and security. Moreover, our site is itself secured and encrypted via the encryption protocol https (symbolized by the lock in your browser) for the confidentiality of your information and your order on the Internet network.



How to take the measurements?
Don't worry, all measurements are detailed, illustrated and explained in our customization tool in the "Tailored Qamis" section of the site menu. Are you in doubt? Simply move your cursor (your finger on the mobile) to the title of the measurement type to display an illustrated explanation. You also have a page dedicated to taking action, just click on the link at the bottom of the page entitled "How to take your measurements? ".

What to choose? Measures body or measure qamis?
Do you have a qamis that suits you particularly well? You can then easily make measurements flat on your qamis by choosing the measurements on Qamis. Alternatively, you can take measurements directly on the body, each measurement is detailed and explained in our customization tool.

How do I save a measurement profile?
It is very easy, there are 2 places on the site where you can create a measurement profile:
- In your Custom Qamis customer account you will find a section entitled "Add and edit my measurement profiles"
- When you customize a Qamis, you must validate it with a profile of measures that you create at this time, it will be automatically registered in your account.

Your measurements are grouped as profiles and are kept automatically in your Custom Qamis account. This account is necessary to validate your order. Simply name your profile to find it when you log in again.

If I am wrong in my measures and the qamis does not suit me, what solutions do you propose?
In case of error, the adjustment is free within 30 days of delivery. For more details, you can go to this

What does mean cuts “fit” "Normal" and "Ample"?
Depending on your preferences in style and comfort, you may prefer a Qamis "curved" close to the body and very tight or a Qamis "ample" away from the shapes and very comfortable. Or simply, a median cut called "normal".

Are your standard sizes the same as other Qamis brands?
No, each brand of Qamis has its own standard sizes, here is the guide of our standard sizes:
- 52 (S): corresponds to a person between 165 and 170cm and weighing between 55 and 65kg.
- 54 (M): corresponds to a person between 170 and 175cm and weighing between 65 and 75kg.
- 56 (L): corresponds to a person between 175 and 180cm and weighing between 75 and 85kg.
- 58 (XL): corresponds to a person between 180 and 185cm and weighing between 85 and 95kg.
- 60 (XXL): corresponds to a person between 185 and 190cm and weighing between 95 and 105kg.
- 62 (XXXL): corresponds to a person between 190 and 195cm and weighing between 105 and 115kg.