When Harem Pants, Once Again, Spark a New Craze

Harem pants are increasingly in vogue in all types of social spheres. After having known a slow start, followed by success, decline and oblivion, harem pants have now permanently reconquered their place in the wardrobes. The crotch pants are now to be seen everywhere ; in fall/winter and spring/summer vogue collections, in male or female wardrobes, … The harem pants in all its designs, this is what we present you today.


Harem Pants in Western Fashion

With harem carrot pants and harem baggy pants, fashion designers have managed to customize the harem pants in several models to make it more aesthetic and almost more Western. Sometimes fashionable and sometimes casual, they emerge in the West thanks to Paul Poiret, a haute couture visionary who dared to remodel the pants.

When Exoticism Electrified Sweet Paris

In 1909, Paul Poiret—an already renowned designer at the time—cultivated a deep love for oriental outfits. However, it was during one of Diaghilev’s Russian ballets he attended in Paris in June 1909, that the idea of revisiting the harem pants came to mind. Scheherazade was the evocative name of the ballet. The colorful outfits, the baggy trousers worn by male and female dancers and the exoticism that emerged from the play all had a profound impact on him. The idea of revisiting and customizing the harem pants was born.

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Stylish and Fashionable Harem Pants for Women

In the year 1900, Paris was a sweet town in which pastel colors prevailed. It is Paul Poiret who will somehow break this monotony by exiting the imposed formal setting. In order to seduce the people of Paris, he will redesign the harem pants by making it stylish but not fashionable and without removing its exotic charm. The people in Paris now take on the oriental dress style to such a degree that fashion shows turn into theatrical scenes. Made out of silk, containing wide trousers withflowing lines and being tight at the ankles, Poiret did not hesitate to break with the fashion codes of the time. Gone are the days of corsets and slim-fitted garments. Moreover, he even adds turbans, kimonos, tunics and puffed skirts to his collections.

Harem Pants and Major Couturiers

Although Paul Poiret seems to be the pioneer who incorporated harem pants into Western fashion, major fashion companies are nowadays also favorable to the idea. Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacob, Galliano, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Ralph Lauren or Givenchy, major couturiers too dare incorporating harem pants into their shows using cotton, silk, mesh, satin, velvet, linen or denim. The masses themselves have become the new ambassadors of this oriental elegance. Low or high crotch pants, carrot or hippie version, with a regular or elastic belt, or with simple buttons, male and female models, all are available for the public.

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The Harem Pants Revisited by Muslims

Muslim fashion is becoming increasingly popular. Whereas Muslims in the past had a very limited choice in their clothing, today’s offer is becoming increasingly diversified. Ready-to-wear brands battle over imagination to create fashion garments, while being consistent with our religious norms. Thus, the harem pants in plain and simple fabric has undergone many transformations to become the wardrobe’s must-have as we know it today.

Denim and Jogging Harem Pants

Deeply rooted into fashion, denim transcends time and season. In plain blue or color, it is still here. Always having been the youth’s favorite, denim is a material that gives style, elegance and comfort to the garment. That is why, in 2011, we noticed a kind of revolution in the world of Muslim harem pants. Denim harem pants came into existence by taking over the details of pants worn by generations. Baggy style, side pockets, yellow thread stitching, the bet is won because these harem pants have everything of a great garment: modern, original and stylish, it brilliantly blends in with Western fashion.

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Jogging Harem Pants

Harem pants can vary infinitely. The jogging version of the harem pants sounded like an obvious choice and a logical continuation to meet real needs. Indeed, members of the Muslim community in the West increasingly seek to find clothes suited to their environment. The sporting world is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. And that is something they quickly realized. We find more and more ready-to-wear Muslim brands that offer jogging models of harem pants. The cut of the original harem pants is the same: wide, with a crotch. Fleece pants are warm, stylish, comfortable and suitable for the most enjoyable sports sessions. Today you even have swimming harem pants, an essential accessory to enjoy your time at the pool or at the sea, while staying comfortable.

 Source: https://dcjeans.fr/

Swimming harem pants, baggy harem pants, classical harem pants, denim harem pants or jogging harem pants, regardless of the model, these pants have a bright future. More and more brands have understood the importance that Muslims give to their image, both in terms of taste and quality. This new generation no longer hesitates to grab their wallet to purchase beautiful, stylish and fashionable harem pants. A craze that major Western brands have now sensed

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