Why is the Serwel making a comeback?

These puffing pants which down just past the knees are not new. They’ve just made a comeback in recent years. But, what are the reasons for this return to fashion?

The origins of the Serwel

At the time of the Silk Road, the Serwel, were widely popular in Persia and from there traveled through many countries in North Africa, the Sahara, the Caucasus, and even Turkey, where it eventually came to be identified as the traditional Ottoman style for many years.

For a long time, the Serwel was part of the traditional fashion which defined the Maghreb and was mostly worn on special occasions. It then appeared in the early 1900s in France, and then it was forgotten for a while. However, it has been rediscovered by the new generations and is once again attracting an interest in Europe today.

The reasons for the Serwel comeback

In Western fashion, the Serwel has now become a trendy garment. Indeed, it has been chosen by many fashion designers and celebrities for its many qualities that fit perfectly with several styles. It proves to be popular with a wide audience, especially for its comfortable and practical style.

The Serwel is soaring in popularity for several reasons. First, this is a loose-fitting outfit that adapts to all body types. In other words, it is suitable for men and women of all sizes

As the Serwel becomes more and more popular in Muslim fashion, several new models are being designed today. There is now a wide range of varied products that are both trendy and in line with religious norms. On one hand you have the Classic Serwel, which simple and refined. Other models include the newer, more modern styles, such as the Serwel Jeans and the Jogging.

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