Where and how to order a custom serwel?

Leader in the sale of kamees and other Oriental fashions, Custom-Qamis gives you the opportunity to order several types of serwels of exceptional quality. All products we sell are designed in the United Arab Emirates. Because of this, we off you only the highest quality fashions.


Opt For Custom-Qamis For A Unique Tailored Serwel

You can opt for three types of tailored and customizable serwels: the Moroccan Qandrissi Serwel, the Algerian Straight Cut Serwel, and the serwel without legs, also known as the izar. These are all available in different colors and fabrics.


Follow these simple steps to order your custom serwel


With Custom-Qamis, ordering and customizing your serwel has never been so easy and fast. You just have to go on the tab under the heading "tailor-made serwel". Then choose your serwel pattern and the fabric you prefer.

After that, you can customize your serwel to suit your tastes and preferences, including selecting the color of your choice. You just have to provide your measurements so we can design your serwel according to your silhouette.

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